Gourmet Du Village

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  • Since 1982, Gourmet du Village has been creating award winning recipes and artisan blends in the small village of Morin Heights, located in the Laurentians, a land of lakes and mountains an hours drive north of Montreal Quebec, Canada.
  • Unique packaging combined with the finest quality was and remains a cornerstone of their endeavours.
    The business grew as they participated in more and more craft shows and Farmers Markets, creating new tastes and products to meet the growing demand. 
  • Constantly creating new products, designing the packaging and sharing them with customers has been the biggest joy over the past 37 years. At Gourmet du Village, they make it easy to make homemade.  They add the taste to the basics in their customer’s pantry or fridge with their easy to make recipes and products to share with family and friends

The Cider Keg

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  • The Cider Keg is family run business nestled in the heart of Norfolk County near Vittoria, Ontario. Their business consists of 100’s of acres of orchard and farm land which surround their farm market and cider mill.
  • On there family farm they cultivate and grow the finest quality Norfolk apples. These apples are harvested at their peak and travel from their orchards to their cider mill where they combined the perfect blend of apples to make their cider. The apples run through their own belt press. They polish the cider with a fine filtration system which produces the perfect quality naturally sweet apple cider. This cider is carbonated and bottled under pressure to seal in the perfect flavour and bouquet until you open a bottle to share with friends and family. To truly enjoy the essence of this product serve chilled.
  • The Cider Keg’s Sparkling Apple Cider is a beverage every member of your family can enjoy because it is non-alcoholic. No artificial sugars are added to their ciders only the natural sugars found in the fruit. 


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  • They’re a family team roasting coffee along with the help of they’re three little boys. Their love for quality exquisite tasting coffee has evolved over the last 15 years…enjoying specialty coffee shops and roasteries . And realizing the positive impact a quality cup of coffee makes in a persons day!
  • Their goal is to bring you great coffee that brings positivity to your life… the enjoyment of coffee and conversation…..igniting brilliant ideas just waiting for your eNeRGy.. ….making complexities seem simple. ..and providing you with that reference point.
  • They do their best to bring you the best! The art, science and consistency from sourcing great coffee to each hand crafted small batch is what makes their relationship with their coffee unique. Learning the Art of roasting on a Garanti drum roaster has been exciting,challenging and an enjoyable craft to learn. And let’s not forget the great people they have met through this trade!
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Lamose Mugs

  • LAMOSE (LAke MOuntain SEa) has created, innovated and engineered the world’s highest quality all-steel insulated water bottle from cap to bottom.
  • They are a part of the movement to stop using plastic bottles, which not only harm the environment – they harm the body.
  • They strive to empower a new generation of products that respects the environment, preserves our health and allows us to embark upon a lifelong journey.